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L.S.U.C. Spot Audit Assistance
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Raising "the Bar" on legal bookkeeping
Clients usually contact me for 1 of 3 reasons:
The law firm received their notice, and want their records checked beforehand, to ensure there are no surprises on audit day.
The law firm has received the audit notice; they are behind in their record keeping, and they urgently need their bookkeeping brought up to date.
The law firm has failed the first audit, and urgently needs the bookkeeping brought up to date.
It makes no difference to me why you have contacted me. I will do  
whatever it takes to ensure you pass your L.S.U.C. audit. I fully  
realize that your licence to practice law is at stake. I am prepared to  
work as many late nights and weekends as is necessary, to ensure  
any deadline imposed by the auditor will be met.
It does not matter what state your records are in. I have the  
necessary skills to rebuild your entire bookkeeping records, using  
just your bank statements and other basic information that you  
provide. I highly recommend PCLaw if you have a trust account, but  
I will work with whatever system you currently have in place.
I will duplicate, recreate, amend, as needed, to ensure your  
records balance with your bank accounts on audit day. If you fail to  
address poor bookkeeping issues in a timely manner, the LSUC  
can initiate their own complaint with the Discipline Committee. I also  
have experience in this area, and can usually make the complaint  
go away without necessitating a formal hearing.
Need some help with an upcoming audit?  Please call or email.

Toronto: 416-705-6727
The Satellite Bookkeeper