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Raising "the Bar" on legal bookkeeping
TSBK offers legal bookkeeping services throughout Ontario. On-site services can be provided if needed; for example, I am happy to attend at spot audits. Your accounting program is accessed via the Internet and programs like LogMeIn, Teamviewer, etc.
Why do you work remotely?
My services are in high demand, as there are a limited number of bookkeepers familiar with all aspects of legal bookkeeping. The elimination of travel time, frees up more time to assist clients. Not traveling also reduces my costs, which I pass on to clients in the form of premium services at competitive rates.
What about confidentiality?
I provide all clients with a signed confidentiality agreement. I am also insured, so a retainer agreement is signed by both of us, setting out the scope of service you want me to provide.
What services can you provide remotely?
I provide customized services, tailored to a client's needs. Typically, these would include monthly bank reconciliations, HST and payroll remittances, and general maintenance of your books in regards to posting errors.
How does it work?
Bank statements are faxed or emailed to me. Or, provide me with online access via a "deposit-only" bank card, which allows me to download the bank statements (and nothing else). If I find any bank errors or need any clarification, I will contact you. Otherwise, I will just supply you with the completed monthly reports.
The Satellite Bookkeeper
Need more information about remote bookkeeping services?
Please call or email.
Toronto: 416-705-6727