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Raising "the Bar" on legal bookkeeping
Legal Bookkeeping Services
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I also try to act as a bookkeeping help desk for clients, making myself available to answer questions by phone or email.
My goal is to relieve you of the burden of meeting your Law Society obligations and other statutory remittances.
satisfying your Law Society obligations vis-a-vis By-laws 9 & 8
monthly bank reconciliations
moniter client trust balances
ensure funds are allocated correctly
assist with completing Annual Report
spot audits
Government remittances
monthly payroll
quarterly HST
T4 slips
All my services are tailored to the individual, and you decide the scope of service to fit your needs.
On occasion, you may need assistance with more complex or unusual entries.
Would you like to further discuss my services?
Please call or email.
Toronto: 416-705-6727
The Satellite Bookkeeper