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As a legal bookkeeper, my entire practice involves the daily use of legal accounting programs. I am often asked by a new client, "What software should I purchase?"
There are a lot of software options available to you. Mostly, it comes down to the area of law you practice in. If you have no trust account, and never will, then a program like Simply Accounting or Quickbooks will work. However, if you later add a trust account, you will then need to transfer your books to a more robust program.
If you do have a trust account, you need a legal accounting program, like PCLaw. These programs are specifically designed to handle trust transactions. There are many other trust and billing programs, but with very few exceptions, they only do half of the bookkeeping cycle. They may handle trust bank fine, but the general banking is extremely lacking. Basic reporting like income statements and balance sheets are not available. Many do not have bank reconciliations. Manual bank reconciliations and purchasing additional programs to handle the general bank eliminates any potential cost savings of purchasing cheaper programs.
Many lawyers are considering web-based applications. Again, they all only handle trust transactions, but they are useless for the general bank. The supposed advantage of web-based is access from anywhere, but this same convenience can be achieved with remote access to PCLaw on your computer. With web-based, if the Internet is down, you have no access. You can at least drive to your office where PCLaw's desktop application is installed.
PCLaw handles all aspects of law firm accounting. PCLaw also has a vast array of reporting features, which makes it easy when dealing with the LSUC, both for audits and annual reporting.
I prefer PCLaw because it is easy to use. There is a learning curve, but even a novice can grasp the basic functions very quickly.
But, the biggest advantage is time saved. PCLaw's menus are linked with pop-up buttons. Need to enter a trust receipt; but, the matter has not been entered yet? No problem. No need to close the receipt; you can just add the new matter from within the trust receipt window! Over the course of a busy day, this one feature alone can save you a lot of time. And time is money!
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